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  • 1 (2019-08-01 till 2019-10-27)
  • 2 (2019-10-28 till 2019-12-31)









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After the course the student should: -be able to specify a problem and an aim for his/her thesis -be able to critically choose the right method and literature -be able to structure a theoretical framework -be able to critically evaluate other students work -be able to present his/her work


-The student should be able to write an aim and problem definition. -The student can choose the right methodological approach. -The student can individually find sources and evaluate them. -The student plans and writes a theoretical framework.


- Finding the topic and aim of the thesis project - Individual planning and writing - Presentation and feedback in groups - Thesis writing


Third year students, min. 105 ECTS ( work placements are not included) and at least 30 credits in your major subject have to be accomplished.

Mer information

Title hand in no later than 13.9 (detailed timeline at first meeting). Students who had in a title on time are assigned a thesis supervisor. The course will be held over two periods.


Literature: Bryman, A. & Bell, E. the latest available ed. Business Research Methods. London: Oxford University Press AND other relevant material added by the lecturer, individual reading material will be recommended (needs based)


  • Föreläsningar - 10 timmar
  • Individuell handledning och grupphandledning - 0 timmar
  • Praktiska övningar - 15 timmar
  • Projekt- och produktionsarbete/konstnärlig verksamhet - 10 timmar
  • Självstudier - 70 timmar
  • Nätbaserade - 10 timmar
  • Seminarier - 20 timmar


  • Kursens totala antal arbetstimmar: 135 timmar
  • Varav självstyrda studieformer: 135 timmar
  • Varav schemalagda studier: 0 timmar


Flerformsundervisning (delvis nätundervisning handledd eller självstudier)


  • Demonstrationer och färdighetsprov
  • Essä, rapporter, produktioner och portfolio


Assessment: The student starts working on the final thesis (chapters 1,2,3). At the end of the course the student should present the final version of the first part of the thesis and present it orally, further the student should be an opponent to another student's work. Oral presentation at the end i mandatory. The student should pass the following examinations: Approved title, intro and method writings Approved seminar report (chapters 1, 2,3: half thesis) and presentation Opponent's report Some points are given for active participation during meetings in class. The student has to attend a certain amount of coaching seminars/sessions to pass the course. Grading Max points 100 50-59: 1 60-69: 2 70-79: 3 80-89: 4 90-100: 5


  • Björk Kaj-Mikael
  • Eriksson Niklas
  • Fabricius Susanna
  • Forsström Mikael
  • Halmén Mia
  • Henriksson Robert
  • Kietz Tove
  • Pehrsson Patrik
  • Puukko Linda
  • Stenius Andreas
  • Stenius Minna
  • Tigerstedt Christa


Tigerstedt Christa

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Ingen begränsning (35 studenter anmälda)

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12 månader efter kursens slutdatum

Kursens tidtabell

More details in itslearning, i.e. intro ppt . Title hand in 13.9.(date comes later) Coaching with supervisor is mandatory throughout. Coaching with examiner is recommended between sessions (i.e. drop in hours will be announced)


2019-08-12 till 2019-09-08


  • 2019-12-13 - Demonstrationer och presentationer
  • Datum meddelas senare - Rapporter och produktioner
  • Datum meddelas senare - Övriga uppgifter
Datum Tid Rum Titel Beskrivning Organisatör
2019-08-30 11:00 - 12:30 D4109 Seminars Kick off with important information about how we proceed! Tigerstedt Christa
2019-09-09 13:15 - 15:45 B320 Seminars Thesis review workshop, 5 points Tigerstedt Christa
2019-10-04 09:15 - 11:45 B320 Seminars Mandatory presentation of your topic, title and thought of rqs (face to face). Tigerstedt Christa
2019-10-14 16:30 - 18:00 B320 Seminars Presentation of the Introduction, chapter 1. Supervisors are joining the meeting!We are quite many so this booking needs to be extended or then we will find an additional session! Björk Kaj-Mikael
Fabricius Susanna
Forsström Mikael
Halmén Mia
Henriksson Robert
Kietz Tove
Pehrsson Patrik
Puukko Linda
Stenius Andreas
Tigerstedt Christa
2019-11-29 12:30 - 15:00 B320 Seminars Session moved from 8.11 to 29.11. Method presentation. Session held in class or in Zoom. Go to the session you signed up for! In B320 at 12.30-14.00, in Zoom https://arcada.zoom.us/j/7567553130 at 14.15-15. Tigerstedt Christa
2019-12-13 09:30 - 14:00 B320 Seminars Presentation of the final seminars report (Thesis chapter 1,2,3). Supervisors attend this final meeting. MANDATORY FOR STUDENTS. Presentations per supervisor: Andreas (see separate message) Tove in D4110, Patrik in B327, Mikael (see separate message), Mia in D4103, Susanna i D4104, Robert in B516, Kaj-Mikael in A311, Christa in A510. We will probably end around 12! Björk Kaj-Mikael
Fabricius Susanna
Forsström Mikael
Halmén Mia
Henriksson Robert
Kietz Tove
Pehrsson Patrik
Stenius Andreas
Tigerstedt Christa

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