In order to graduate you need to have completed everything needed for your degree (courses, thesis, etc.) and you also need to apply for graduation. Discuss your graduation with your supervisor and familiarize yourself with all the information on this site!

You can apply for the degree certificate when all the graduation requirements are fulfilled.

Read all sites/links mentioned on this site and once you've read through it all you can follow these suggested steps:

  1. Submit your thesis.
  2. Remember to save the statement regarding your thesis that your supervisor issues.
  3. Check that you have completed everything needed for gradationa nd that you have the correct amount of credits for graduation.
  4. Return your books to Arcada's library.
  5. Submit your application for degree certificate (you will need to attach you rsupervisors statement, see 2 above).
  6. Note that your Arcada logins will no longer be active shortly after you have submitted your application for degree certificate.
  7. Return your student key to Arcada's information desk.

Study coordinators

Name: Siri Ahlroth-Barboza, Elisa Jåfs and Laurits Møller

Position: Study Coordinator

Profilbild saknas

We help with (among other things):

  •     Discount cards (HSL, VR, Matkahuolto and KELA meal vouchers) NOTE! With a student card you get these benefits. We recommend that you use the HSL app.
  •     Academic year registration
  •     Study rights
  •     Application for a diploma
  •     Credits for external achievements
  •     Forms and certificates
  •     Change of first or last name and personal identity number

Reception times in the library and by phone as follows (please note that you can email us at any time):

Monday Closed
Tuesday at 10-12 in the Library
Wednesday at 10-12 phone
Thursday at 10-12 in the Library
Friday Closed

How to apply

You can apply for your degree certificate when all studies included in the degree are passed and registered in Asta. The application is continuous and you can apply any time you want after all your studies are registered.

After submitting the application

The degree certificate will be ready in about three weeks after you submit a complete application. Postage is not included in this process.

Graduation ceremony

Arcada University of Applied Sciences arranges graduation ceremonies twice a year. 

Arcada account and e-mail

Your Arcada user account will close after submitting the application for the degree certificate. This means that you will not be able to access any of the e-services at Arcada (e.g.