Arcada's International Ambassador Programme is for you who are proud of Arcada University of Applied Sciences (UAS) as your choice of study place and want to share your experiences of studying at the UAS with potential new students.

As a student ambassador, you play a key role in promoting our English-language degree programmes. All ambassadors commit to the ambassadorship for a full academic year.

What does Arcada's student ambassador programme entail?

Arcada’s ambassadors are involved in welcoming student prospects (potential new students) and answering questions about study life at the UAS and in Finland. We always strive to engage a diverse group of students/alumni. The aim of the programme is to attract new applicants to Arcada and to get them to accept their study place offer upon admission. At the same time, as a student ambassador, you will develop several skills and get to know students from different parts of the world.

En grupp studentambassadörer framför Arcadas huvudbyggnad.

A group of student ambassadors in front of Arcada's main building.

Why should I become a student ambassador?

The benefits of being an ambassador are many. You get:

  • a unique opportunity to influence Arcada's student recruitment and learn about marketing
  • to sharpen your presentation skills and/or social media skills
  • to expand your professional and social network
  • work experience, which is guaranteed to be appreciated by future employers
  • an ambassador certificate upon your own request
  • a 100 euro retainer and an Arcada sweater.

What am I expected to do as a student ambassador in practice?

The international ambassadors act mainly as online ambassadors, but they may also receive visits on campus. Below is the list of tasks that the student ambassador commits to. The ambassador:

  • participates in the kick-off event and training during the autumn
  • answers questions by newly admitted students in the Unibuddy Community platform from January until the beginning of autumn semester
  • represents Arcada at one event, e.g. a study visit on campus (presentation + campus tour), a webinar, a virtual fair or an online Q&A session with newly admitted students
  • writes one blog post or does one Instagram takeover.

The ambassador and marketing specialist, who coordinates the network of ambassadors, agrees together which exact tasks the ambassador carries out and when.


As an ambassador, you commit to the programme for one whole academic year. You receive a retainer of 100 euros and one Arcada sweater after completing all the tasks which have been agreed upon beforehand. You can also carry out extra tasks, for which you will receive an extra retainer of 20 euros.

How can I become a student ambassador?

Applications are open in the spring and early autumn. Stay tuned on Start/Tuudo! If you are interested, you can also always get in touch with Arcada Communications at any time during the year.