Study Counsellor and Special Education Teacher

Mia Ekström
Reception in room C342
Phone: 050 368 4606
E-mail: mia.ekstrom[a]

You are welcome to contact me by e-mail or phone and if the curtain is open you might as well just knock on the door to arrange an appointment!

The study counsellor and special education teacher provides individual counselling and guidance, for all students at Arcada, on issues related to e.g. :

  • Learning skills; planning, motivation, time management, coping with stress
  • Career management; uncertainty about your choice of current studies, on your future or life situation
  • Special pedagogical support; access to support and counselling in how to study with dyslexia, adhd/add, mental issues, impairment in hearing, vision or mobility, injury or illness

Our discussions are confidential and I always ask for your permission in case it would help your studies to involve someone else. The service is free of charge and it isn´t limited to a certain amount of sessions.

Special pedagogical support

You might need special pedagogical support because of learning difficulties (dyslexia, adhd/add, Aspergers etc.), impairment in hearing, vision or mobility, or due to injury or illness. The difficulty can also be psychological. In order to be entitled to special pedagogical support, a real need must have been observed.

Special pedagogical support can for example include extended time for exams, different tools (computer, special computer programs), alternative examination forms etc. The nature of the support depends on how your difficulty affects your studies. The aim with the special support is not to lower the requirements, but to support you in the learning process, so that you can achieve the requirements needed.

What should you do?

If you already have a certificate for dyslexia please book an appointment with the special education teacher Mia Ekström (mia.ekstrom[a] for presenting the certificate and for going through forms of support. If you don´t have a certificate for dyslexia or if you have any other kind of difficulty please book an appointment with Mia for an evaluation and for going through forms of support. I will also help you with your learning.

When a need for special support has been found you will receive a "Certificate for student in need of special support at Arcada" (at the bottom of the page). It will apply during your studies at Arcada and you shall show it in order to be able to take into use the support that you need.  Please notice that you shall contact the examiner within 3 weeks from the start of a course and specify which support is needed, also notice that if you encounter difficulties with getting support, contact the special education teacher!

Compensatory aid

Arcada has three different computer programs designed for persons with specific difficulties in reading and/or writing. With Claro Read Plus you can listen to text in Swedish, Finnish or English and with Spellright and Stava Rex you can check your spelling in English or in Swedish. The programs are available in all student computers at Arcada. Remember to bring a headset with you when using Claro Read Plus.

As a student at Arcada you can also, free of charge, have the programs installed in your own computer, please contact it-support[a] for instructions.

If you need literature in accessible forms, for example talking books, please contact Arcada´s library.

Study psychologist

Fanny Hedenborg
Reception in room C343 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays
Phone: 050 448 9172
E-mail: fanny.hedenborg[a]

The study psychologist provides individual counselling and guidance for students who are experiencing problems with their studies. Students can book an appointment if they need support in issues related to e.g.

  • studies and motivation, stress and time management, difficulties with the thesis
  • depressed mood, anxiety and worry related to the studies
  • life situation or social relationships in general

Students can make an appointment with the study psychologist on their own initiative when they want to discuss their situation and try to find new perspectives or tools in addressing the difficulties they are facing. During an academic year, you have the possibility to meet the study psychologist for approximately 1-5 times. The psychologist is a licensed health care professional, and the counselling is confidential. The service is free of charge.

If your problems are more extensive and do not limit to the studies, you may need more long-term support and treatment. In this case, you can contact the psychiatric nurse in Arcada or your health-care station. If you are unsure about what type of help you need, you can contact the study psychologist so that we can think about it together.


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