At Arcada you find a lot of different web and mobile services for students and staff.

The Arcada App - Tuudo

Tuudo is an app that will make your life as student at ARcada a lot easier. Through the app you can:

  • get your personal schedule
  • get notified of changes made to the course schedule in real time
  • look for and sign-up for courses
  • follow courses (you can see the course in your schedule although you haven't signed up for it). This way you can easily check if courses clash timewise.
  • check how your studies are progressing (study points, on-going and upcoming courses)
  • create your personal library card, renew your library loans, receive a pop up reminder on expired loans, a message when a reserved book has arrived and check the opening hours of the library
  • read news from Start, and follow blogs on
  • find your way around campus
  • check the lunch menu
  • check timetables for public transport
  • get information on other services at Arcada

Tuudo on Play Store External link and App Store External link

E-mail - Outlook

Your personal Arcada account,

Log on to Outlook External link

Platform for on-line studies - Itslearning

Log on to Itslearning External link

Current system status of Itslearning External link

Student register - Sisu

Sign up for courses and check your results.

Log on to Sisu External link

Files - Office 365

Work, edit and save your files on-line.

Log on to Office 365 External link

Hub team work - Microsoft Teams

Collaborate within a group. Share files, chat and arrange on-line meetings. Make sure you download the app too.

Download Teams External link

Teams on Play Store External link and App Store External link

Information retrieval and references

Litterature and information retrieval, references - Libguide External link
Books and litterature - Finna External link
Publications and theses from Arcada - Theseus External link

Security reports

At Arcada we use an easy to use security reporting system. The system allows you to report observations, incidents, accidents, threats or inappropriate behaviour that affect safety and the environment at Arcada. It is important that you report all incidents so that we can prevent bigger accidents from happening.

Log in here with your Arcada login details to report an incident External link.