Here we have collected all information about studying at Arcada.

You can find anything from how to register for a course and exams to the support available to you when writing your thesis. When you need advice along the way you can always turn to the study advisors at the office of student affairs or to your amanuensis.

Course Enrolment

The enrolment for a course begins two weeks before the start of the period and ends two weeks after the start of the period (except International Business). The enrolment begins at 9 am and closes at midnight. Note that some courses may have a different enrolment period.


Examination requirements and forms of examination are stated in the course description. Teachers who are responsible for preparing and administrating the examinations are called examiners.

Forms and certificates

Here you will find forms for all different types of certificates and registrations you need during your course of study.


Here you'll find a complete list of programmes in English.

Registration for the academic year

Students are, by law, required to register for each academic year (Polytechnics Act 29 §). At Arcada, registration for the academic year shall be made every year during the time 15 April – 10 September.

Registration for the academic year and right to study

When you have been accepted as a student at Arcada you have to confirm that you accept your study place to get the right to study.Your right to study for a bachelor’s or master’s degree at a university of applied sciences is granted by the Rector.

Graduation and degree certificates

In order to graduate you need to have completed everything needed for your degree (courses, thesis, etc.) and you also need to apply for graduation. Discuss your graduation with your supervisor and familiarize yourself with all the information on this site!

Degree and Master Thesis

The aim of studies at a university of applied sciences is to educate people in the skills of a specific professional area and develop an ability to conceptually analyse issues within that field.

Language studies

Language and communication skills courses at Arcada are provided by lecturers in


Here you will find information about the insurance policy for students at Arcada

Rules and rights

As a student you have rights and obligations. Here is the full list of documents relevant for you and your studies at Arcada.