Here you can find all the information you need to graduate and receive your degree certificate!

Contact E-mail: if you have problems with applying for your degree certificate.

The application is completed online. Processing time is three weeks after submission of a complete application. Please note that during the holiday season processing times are longer. Postage is not included in the processing period. If you receive financial aid for students your graduation date may affect it; please familiarise yourself with Kela's regulations. External link If you apply for a degree certificate too early during a month during which you would get financial aid (before the 18th of that month), you will have to pay back that month's financial aid after you have graduated.

How to apply

Applying for your degree certificate is the final thing you have to do to graduate from Arcada.

After submitting the application

The degree certificate will be ready in about three weeks after you submit a complete application. Postage is not included in this process.