You can apply for your degree certificate when all studies included in the degree are passed and registered in Asta. The application is continuous and you can apply any time you want after all your studies are registered.


The application is completed online. Processing time is three weeks after submission of a complete application. Please note that during the holiday season processing times are longer.

Deadlines 2020-2021
Fall 2020 December 18, 2020 (if you wish to participate in the graduation ceremony January 22, 2021)
Spring 2021 June 2, 2021 (if you wish to participate in the graduation ceremony June 18th, 2021)

Please see more information about deadlines and processing times here.

Application for a degree certificate includes:

  • Application form (below)
  • Uploading your thesis to Theseus*
  • Scanned thesis evaluation**

*unless thesis contains confidential parts, please see the instructions in the form or on this page about submission.

**if you already have not received your signed evaluation from your supervisor, you do not have to submit it (as an exception due to covid-19).

For nursing students who wish to work in Finland:

Nursing students who wish to get their degree registered and get the right to practice as a registered nurse must apply for their practice rights.

After you receive your degree certificate, please fill out the electronic form (unfortunately still only available in Finnish or Swedish). The decision will be mailed to you by Valvira along with the bill for the application fee. Valvira's processing time is 30 work days.