AVOP (The national Graduand feedback questionnaire) is a joint system built up by the Universities of Applied Science and the Ministry of Education and Culture, giving the students a possibility to evaluate their studies.

Students' opinion about their education and practical training is gathered through AVOP.

The Ministry of Education and Culture uses the student feedback in evaluating education, comparing UAS and different fields of education, and in planning education. Arcada uses the received feedback in developing the education and practical training in different fields of education and degrees, and in comparing the results with other UAS.

Instructions for AVOP

You answer the AVOP questionnaire when you submit your application for a degree certificate. Go to avop.fi External link and click Haka Login. Choose Arcada as your organisation. You can then log in using your Arcada username and password. You will most likely be asked to give your consent about releasing personal information. Please answer yes to that question. After that the questionnaire will open. NB! If you use Safari, the questionnaire might not open. Please choose another browser.

If Arcada does not have your Finnish personal identity number you cannot answer the questionnaire on avop.fi. You shall contact studentaffairs[a]arcada.fi for assistance.