When you apply for a degree certificate you must submit your degree thesis to the university.

Submitting your thesis

You can choose to submit your Degree Thesis or Master's Thesis in one of the following ways:

Option 1: You upload your approved thesis in External linkT External linkheseus.


Option 2: You upload your approved thesis as a PDF-file in the Application for degree certificate, a bound copy of the thesis and an unbound copy to Student Affairs when applying for the degree certificate. Only the unbound copy of the thesis needs to include the evaluation (written by the supervisor and examiner). Please find out more on how to bind your thesis at the bottom of this page.


If the degree thesis is commissioned, the student is responsible for handing over a copy of the degree thesis to the commissioning party in the format requested by the commissioning party (electronic, bound or unbound).

The student pays all costs for copying and binding the thesis. Please print double-sided to save paper.

Submitting a classified thesis

If parts of the degree thesis is classified as confidential, you can choose to submit your Degree Thesis or Master's Thesis in one of the following ways:

Option 1: The student saves an electronic copy of the approved thesis in Theseus.fi External link (classified part not included) and submits an unbound copy of the thesis (classified part included) when applying for the degree certificate. Only the unbound copy of the thesis needs to include the evaluation (written by the supervisor and examiner).


Option 2: The student submits one bound copy of the thesis (classified part excluded) and one unbound archive copy (classified part included) to Student Affairs when applying for the degree certificate. The unbounded copy of the thesis need to include the evaluation (written by the supervisor and examiner).

Instructions for how to save your degree thesis in the electronic library Theseus

Every student will register his or her approved thesis in the electronic library Theseus following the instructions under the link “Submit your thesis” on http://theseus.fi/en/ External link

Start the saving process once your thesis has been approved. The work to be saved in Theseus must be the same as the one approved. If a thesis has more than one author, the authors must agree on who will register the thesis, so that this will be done only once.

When your thesis has been transferred to the electronic library Theseus, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail. Your work will be visible online once the library staff and Study Service have checked that the information related to your thesis is correct.

Service agreement for Theseus

In this agreement, “work” refers to an academic thesis or other work created by the user. “Service” refers to an online publishing service where users can submit works to an online accessible database. The service will publish the submitted works in a public network and store them in a database. “Service provider” refers to Ammattikorkeakoulujen Rehtorineuvosto Arene Ry, and third parties and successors who are providing the Service. “User” is a natural person who submits his/her academic theses and attached files in electronic form to the service. “Sponsor” refers to a natural or legal person who has provided support for the Work (such as an employer or foundation).

Service may only be used to store content with the copyright holder’s permission. User is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of account passwords and liable for all use of such identifiers. Service provider is not obliged to publish content submitted by users if this would violate this agreement, the law or good practice. Such content may be removed from the service.

By submitting a work through the service into the publishing system, sser represents and warrants that he/she holds copyright to the work or is authorised by the copyright holder (in case of a joint work, the copyright holders). User is responsible of clearing the necessary rights for the work.

The copyright holder will retain copyright to the submitted work. User grants the service provider a non-exclusive, gratuitous and worldwide license valid for the duration of copyright protection to

  1. make the submitted work, an abstract made of it and other related information available to the public,
  2. make copies of the work in electronic as well as printed format,
  3. convert the work into another media or format if this is appropriate from the service’s viewpoint; and
  4. store the work in the service’s electronic archives.

If a sponsor has provided support for the creation of the work, the user must verify that the work can be published through the service. The sponsor’s name may not be used in connection with the work without the sponsor’s consent.

In connection with the stored work, the service provider will disclose the author’s name and other information provided by the user with the submission. The user is not allowed to subsequently change the information stored with the submission.

The works contained in the service and the information related to them constitutes a personal data file. The associated description of file is available here External link (in Swedish).


If the student chooses to bind the Degree Thesis, the following book bindery is recommended:

Kirjansitomo V. & K. Jokinen
Tarkk’ampujankatu 9 A 3
00120 Helsinki
Phone (09) 635 143

E-mail: info@kirjansitomovkjokinen.fi

www.kirjansitomovkjokinen.fi External link


  • The student takes the required number of hard copies of his/her Degree Thesis to the binders.
  • The name of the student (in CAPITAL letters) and the year are printed on the spine.
  • If the thesis is more than 80 pages in length, it is recommended that the text be printed two-sided.
  • The student pays for the binding him-/herself.
  • The cover of the Bachelor Thesis should be blue and the cover of the Master thesis should be red. The book bindery already knows the specific colours that Arcada requires.