All students graduating from Arcada automatically obtain an appendix to the degree certificate intended for international use called Diploma Supplement. The Diploma Supplement is being issued in English, given automatically and free of charge to every student upon graduation. The document includes information on Arcada, the studies and the academic attainments indicated in the degree certificate, as well as their level and position in the educational system.

The Diploma Supplement is aimed at improving chances for the graduate to gain employment equal to the merits of the graduate both in Finland and in Europe.

The Diploma Supplement is:

  • an appendix to the diploma that is issued free of charge by higher education institutions
  • a means of giving information on the Finnish education system to aid graduates’ entry into education or employment in Europe
  • always issued in English

The Diploma Supplement is not:

  • a substitute for the actual diploma
  • a CV
  • a guarantee for recognition of education