Preliminary programme - 24 August

Mechanical and Sustainability Engineering (Department of Energy and Materials Technology)

Due to Covid-19 the introduction days will be organised online.

10.00-11.00   Welcome to Arcada and the Department - Zoom (Meeting ID: 629 6584 7704; Passcode: 558812)

11.00-12.00   Presentation of the Degree Program - Zoom (Meeting ID: 612 7978 9958; Passcode: 326275)

12.30-13.30   Course enrollment and digital tools  - Zoom (Meeting ID: 624 0481 0530; Passcode: 885976)

15.00-16.00   Get to know your tutors and your group - Zoom (link to be updated)

Please note that the tuition starts the next day (August 25th) and during 25-28.8.2020 introductory sessions will be held alongside regular (online) lectures. You will receive your schedule during the first introduction day (August 24th).