Student health care services from 23 March

Student health care services will remain available during the exceptional circumstances in all institutions. You can reach the public health nurse primarily by telephone or though electronic services. You can also submit a contact request by e-mail.

Be aware of phishing attempts

We have discovered cases of "phishing" among student accounts. The accounts are now closed and the students are informed.

Especially in the current situation, where we all depend on functioning networks and digital tools, it is important that we are all extra mindful about data integrity.

RefWorks End User Online Training

The RefWorks team is offering an end user training session on 31.3.2020 at 20-21 (GMT+3). Participants will see how easy it is to use RefWorks for all reference management needs, including remote learning and collaboration. From reference importing to collaborative writing, RefWorks can help users get their assignments completed, wherever they are.