Rector's summer greeting

Dear students,

At the end of this challenging academic year, I would like to extend a warm thank you to all of you for your humanity, endurance and flexibility. I hope you feel proud and happy that you have completed another academic year and a semester where you have really surpassed yourself. I wish you all a really happy summer, and congratulations to everyone who graduated this spring!

Rector Mona Forsskåhl


See the entire Rector's Greeting in the video below.

Emptying your locker and returning your flex key spring 2020

Normally we will ask you to empty your locker before end of May, but due to Corona it will not be possible to enter Arcada.

If you finish your studies this spring and want to empty your locker, please contact and we will help you. If you continue your studies and you need a locker please keep your old one.

When your studies are over and you no longer need access to Arcada please return your flex key in order to get the deposit back.