Arcada’s remote support and services

Although the campus is closed, support and services for Arcada's students are offered remotely. Please feel free to contact them, either if you need any support with your studies or classes, if you have any practical problems or if you are experiencing e.g. anxiety or stress. Below is a summary of all the services offered by Arcada remotely. Don't know who to contact? Please contact and we will guide you to the right service.

Helsinki Mayor's coronavirus info in English - see the live stream today 31 March at 5:30 pm

Helsinki Mayor Jan Vapaavuori will cover the current coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and responses in Helsinki on 31 March at 5:30 pm in a live-streamed Mayor’s Info in English. 

The live stream by the Mayor of Helsinki can be viewed via the Helsinki channel video service and the City of Helsinki Facebook page. 

Helsinki channel video service:

Itslearning and consent to transfer information

When you log in to itslearning, the site may ask you for consent to transfer personal information, such as e-mail address. In this case, just accept and continue the login to itslearning.