Emptying your locker and returning your flex key spring 2020

Normally we will ask you to empty your locker before end of May, but due to Corona it will not be possible to enter Arcada.

If you finish your studies this spring and want to empty your locker, please contact campus@arcada.fi and we will help you. If you continue your studies and you need a locker please keep your old one.

When your studies are over and you no longer need access to Arcada please return your flex key in order to get the deposit back.

Arcada opens campus gradually 

According to the government’s decision, the universities will open their campuses starting 14.5. Arcada will carry out the re-opening in phases and the spring semester will be completed online. The staff will follow the government’s recommendation of continued remote working. Please read the guidelines for each phase below. 

The planned phases and guidelines will be adjusted if necessary if new national restrictions or instructions are given. Compass Group that runs our student restaurant will not open until mid August.