Support for students

Arcada offers students the following support:

Digital Accesibility - What Every Student Should Know!

Accessibility promotes equality. Digital accessibility means that digital services must be designed so that they take into account people's differences. Anyone should be able to use webservices and their content without difficulty. You as a student are also covered by the directive. Here we have compiled the most important things you need to know to know about acceibility. The EU Accessibility Directive and the new national law on digital accessibility entered into force in September 2020. 

UAS Journal theme on the use of Career Monitoring Survey data now published

Career Monitoring Survey is the national survey sent out to those who have graduated from a Finnish university of applied sciences five years ago. It contributes 3% of the national funding for UASs and contains questions on how well the education prepares the graduate for the needs in working life. The UAS Journal theme in December 2020 is the use of data from the Career Monitoring Survey in e.g. the development of degree programmes, service design for working life and alumni, continuous learning, Master’s degrees, integration and guidance.

Talent Boost Virtual Networking & Matchmaking Event 10.12.2020

The event offers a visibility platform for talents and employers alike to connect and network. Information about the abundant support available for reaching potential employers and proceeding to job landing is made available for talents. Examples of concrete benefits:

Business Unplugged Entrepreneurship event 9.12.2020

Are you an entrepreneur or would you like to start your own business in Finland?

Business Unplugged is an online event for all entrepreneurs and entrepreneurially minded people looking to grow their business and their mindset while being inspired by the entrepreneurial journeys of others. It is especially for those interested to develop their own business or business idea.

Startup and entrepreneurship Mix & match networking event 11.11.2020

There is an interesting event coming for you next week Wednesday (11.11), Mix&Match (ONLINE) networking event around the Education theme which is a great place for early-stage innovative ideas or startup teams to find a core team member/co-founder OR anyone to offer their skills and experience to develop innovative business cases to the next level or just explore the startup world. Mix&Match is for anyone interested in startup entrepreneurship – whether it’s joining or creating a startup team or networking around the topic with other like-minded people.

No visiting hours at Student Affairs

Due to few student visits, Student Affairs do not have visiting hours for now. Please email us at or call us 0294 282 699 (Monday-Wednesday, 10-12). You can contact us regarding forms and certificates, discount forms (HSL, VR, Matkahuolto, Kela’s meal subsidy card), questions regarding study right, the degree certificate and accreditation. It is also possible to book an appointment with us.