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Welcome to Arcada UAS study guide - your best friend towards your examination! Here we have gathered useful information for our new Bachelor's degree, exchange and Open Path students! Your studies starts with  Introduction days, 26-27.8.2019

The Introduction days are part of the course "Introduction to University Studies", which is the first course that you will take here at Arcada. As a new student there is a lot of important information to remember. That is why we have gathered an info package to help you get started and find all the information you need. We recommend that you check out this web site from time to time as new information may be added throughout the spring and summer.

A warm welcome to Arcada University of Applied Sciences - we wish you a fantastic studytime!


Greetings from our Rector Mona Forsskåhl!

Introduction days 26-27.8.2019

All new students are required to take part in the Introduction days that are structured to serve the needs of the different student groups starting their studies at Arcada in autumn 2019
- new degree students
- exchange students,
- students at the open path.   

The programme may include introduction to Arcada UAS IT-system's, course enrolment, schedules, itslearning, and introduction to your degree programme as well as meeting the staff and tutors. 


The programme and detailed timetable will be published on this web site later this spring/summer so please remember to check frequently.


Join our student Anudari for a guided tour in the Arcada building!

Information about the degree programmes

All of our degree programmes have their own pages. Here you'll find information about the course of your studies, contact information to your teachers, programme director and amanuensis, and for example more information about your upcoming work place practice. Head over to "Programmes" in the navigation at the top of this page to read more.


When you want to check up on how your studies are going, see the description of a course, read your studyplan or order an official study certificate look in the navigation under "My Studies". When logged in with your Arcada IT account you can find plenty of useful information here.

My studies

Student finacial aid

Finnish citizens in Finland are granted aid if they pursue full-time studies for at least two consecutive months after completion of compulsory education. Foreign citizens can receive aid for studies in Finland if they are living permanently in Finland or staying in Finland for purpose other than studies. Student financial aid includes the study grant and a state guarantee for a student loan. Some students also receive a housing supplement. You may apply for student financial aid when you have received a study place at Arcada UAS. Please read more about the aid and how to apply for it in the KELA's guick guide to student financial aid. 

Student card

You’ll benefit from the student card during your whole time as a student at Arcada UAS. The digital student card gives you discount on for example train, bus and tram tickets, student meals and other student benefits. To apply for a student card you need to: be a member of Arcada Student Union - ASK (pay the membership fee every academic year), a photo and your student number. You can apply for a student card online after you’ve become an ASK member. Older students who already have the card need to renew their membership every year online at More information is found here. Note that you who study via the Open Path at Arcada also benefit from being an ASK-member! Read more under “Open Path students”.



Remember to like Arcada UAS Facebook-page to get all the latest information about events and other fun stuff happening on our campus. You are also welcome to join the groups for your degree programme. Your tutor can help you fint the right groups. And are you living on campus? Majstranden have got their own group that you can join, as well as Arcada Student Union - ASK and all our student associations.


For using Arcada’s IT services, we have prepared a personal user account for you. You can already activate your IT account by choosing 'Activate your IT account' at AAS (Arcada Account Services). AAS will require that you identifying yourself using either a Finnish net banking account, a Finnish electronic ID or a or a mobile certificate or user credentials provided by another Finnish university. If none of these options apply, you can pick up your IT account during the Introduction days at Arcada; remember to bring your valid ID. 


You will also need an electronic flex key to access the Arcada building, for printing and copying, and for weekend or gym access. Please pay the the deposit on AAS, and after that you can retrieve the flex key in cabinet Pacius next to the Big Square during the Introduction days, or later at the Information Desk. Also, please remember to enter your banking account in AAS, so that we can refund the deposit once you have returned the flex key.

Finding an apartment in the Helsinki region

Make sure to start looking for accommodation in good time before your studies start. On Arcadas campus we have 500 student appartment, but there are plenty of ways to find housing in the Helsinki metropolitan region. We gathered our best tips here.

Student associations

Studies at Arcada UAS are so much more than exams and books. Our university of applied sciences have five student associations. They all welcome you to their activites and you can find more information about the associations here.

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