To get started with the studies, you can turn to both the amanuensis or the degree programme manager at your department.

It is also worthwhile to familiarise yourself with the study plan for your programme. Everything is available here at Start under My studies and the respective departments.

If you need help, you can always contact the department at your institution as well as other study-related questions. In addition, there is a whole team of tutors who are ready to answer your questions.

Student tutors

The tutors are a group of students who help you as a new student to get started with your studies, find your way in canpus and with various types of questions related to studies and student life. The tutors organize different types of events at the beginning of the academic year, so that all new students get to know each other. You will meet your student tutors on the introduction days in August.


Departments and Units

Today Arcada had five departments offering programmes on Bachelor and Master levels. As a students you can choose courses within other programmes, so make sure to have a look at everything that is on offer.

Arcada Student Union

Arcada Student Union – ASK works for the interests of all Arcada students. ASK was founded in 1997, then as a registered association, ASKen r.f.