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On this page you can find information on where you can find accommodation in the Helsinki Metropolitan area.

Remember to read the information on the websites carefully before applying for an apartment. Different organizations and companies may require different documents.

We recommend that you read the Student Union of the University of Helsinki's (HYY External link) Finnish-English House Hunt Wordlist External link. The most common and important words regarding accommodation are listed there.

To find the best public transportation route from place to place in Helsinki you can use the HSL Journey planner External link.

Short-term accommodation

Hostels in the centre of Helsinki:

Long-term student accommodation

Majstranden: Student apartments on Arcada's campus

More than 600 student apartments are found on Arcadas campus. As an Arcada student you are welcome to apply for accommodation on campus. Please note that there is a waiting list to the apartments. More information about student accommodation on campus can be found here External link.


HOAS External link: Students at Arcada often find an apartment through HOAS, the Foundation for Student Housing. HOAS maintains approximately 10 000 student apartments in the metropolitan region.You can also visit the HOAS Facebook page External link for more information.

The HOAS apartments usually consist of private rooms with a common kitchen and bathroom. Most of the apartments are unfurnished, but there is a small number of furnished flats with essential furnishing (table, chair, bed, not including linen or kitchenware!). The monthly rent of a room is roughly around 300 euros, and the rent of a flat is 450-850 euros/month. There is also a security deposit which has to be paid before signing the tenancy agreement. Application forms are available on their web site and can be submitted throughout the year.

An application of apartment can be submitted immediately upon receiving a notice of acceptance. However please note that there is a great demand for the student housing, and an apartment may not be acquired on short notice. A student may have to wait in queue for several months. Therefore you should be prepared to look for for accommodation on the free market as well.

The Finnish Youth Housing Association NAL

The Youth Housing Association NAL is an expert in youth living and a supervisor of youth interests in housing-related matters. NAL also offers rental apartments to people under 30 years of age. Visit their website to learn more. External link

Apartments for students in the Helsinki metropolitan area

A Facebook-group External link which you can join. Please read the group rules carefully.

Long-term accommodation, private market