Green Office was audited and granted a new certificate

Today, Arcada was audited and we passed the audit. We received a renewed certificate and can continue to work for a better environment and sustainable development. We will get a report later that shows our strengths and what still could be improved.

Please read more about what Green Office have done

Have a nice summer and hope to see you in August!

Emptying your locker and returning your flex key spring 2020

Normally we will ask you to empty your locker before end of May, but due to Corona it will not be possible to enter Arcada.

If you finish your studies this spring and want to empty your locker, please contact and we will help you. If you continue your studies and you need a locker please keep your old one.

When your studies are over and you no longer need access to Arcada please return your flex key in order to get the deposit back.

Kilometrikisa 2020 is up and running - join us!

Spring is in the air, it's time to take out your bike and enjoy the fresh air and nature!

Join Arcada's team in this year's Kilometrikisa! Kilometrikisa is a playful bike competition where we register as many kilometers (or minutes) as possible, between 1.5-22.9.2020. Kilometrikisa 2019 was an all-time record, with over 32,000 participants!

Coronavirus Up-date: Arcada closes its campus 18.3

In accordance with the government’s decision, Arcada will close its campus from 18.3 and move all courses and activities online until 13.4. This means that 
staff and student will not have access to the Arcada building during that time. 

All courses will be held remotely (online), with the exception of a few where we willseek other solutions. You will receive more information regarding your courses fromyour lecturers.  Information is provided through Itslearning and email. 

Win a Kånken backpack, please fill in the Green Office Consumer habit questionnaire before 31.3

Arcada has a Green Office Certificate and we want to take responsibility for the environment. Please answer WWF's Consumer Habit Questionnaire latest by March 31, 2020 (either in Finnish or English).

You’ll get tips and suggestions on how to improve your habits and at the end of the questionnaire you also get some feedback. If you fill in your email address you will be able to get a Kånken backpack.

Arcada's new shop is launched

Finally, we are able to offer a larger product range in our new Arcada shop.

Next to our info on C2 we have a small selection of some of the products, please check them out. More products are found in the shop and more will be added later on.

Everything is delivered to the address you decide and everything can be ordered online.

Feel free to send product suggestions and feedback to On other matters, please contact Innoflame directly.

Christmas opening hours 2019

Arcada is closed 23.12.2019-6.1.2020

You can enter with your electronic key on weekdays (use the door next to the rotating doors).

Please observe that the alarm goes on at 10pm on weekdays.

The information desk is closed 23.12-1.1.2020.

The information desk is open 2.1-3.1.2020 between 9.00am and 2pm. 


Perfume usage at Arcada

Perfumes and scented products are a part of everyone's daily life in different ways. Perfumes can affect anyone and give symptoms like headache, dizziness and nausea. People who suffer from allergies, chemical intolerance or people who are oversensitive are especially exposed to these problems.

At Arcada, many people use scented products daily. When many different scents, and especially perfumes, combine, the symptoms of scent oversensitivity can become more difficult for sensitive people, but it can also come to affect anyone.