International Business Management

Qualification awarded: Master of Business Administration, equivalent to Högre yrkeshögskoleexamen i företagsekonomi, Tradenom (Högre YH)
Level of qualification: 2nd cycle
Scope: 90 ECTS credits
Duration: 1,5 years (full-time), 3 years (part-time)
Mode of study: part-time or full-time
Language of tuition: English
Programme director: Christa Tigerstedt

The purpose of this education is to provide the students with a sound understanding of marketing, with a focus on digital solutions; finance; leadership and strategic management. Importantly, the program is also designed to equip the student with a solid understanding of business and market position development in the Nordic context, or alternatively, Financial technology, including insight into the opportunities and challenges created by these innovative, emerging technologies.

The aim is to engage the students into an exciting educational journey to develop not only their knowledge and skills but also to encourage them to be critical, creative, and curious. The ultimate aim of this master’s degree programme is to provide students with a valuable learning experience that they will have practical use of in their coming careers.

Research, development and innovation

The RDI focus is Digital Marketing and it is integrated in the programme through two courses; Digital Marketing and Digital Business Development. The students have an opportunity to conduct their master’s thesis research within the RDI area. More specific research topics may be found in:

  • eCommerce simulation
  • eTraveller profiling
  • Eye Tracker research
  • Big Data and analytics

Career opportunities

By participating in this programme you will significantly broaden your opportunities for career advancement.

  • Your existing employer might assign you to a position to start or develop new business activities in another Nordic country, or in the financial technology (Fintech) context.
  • You can find opportunities to become engaged in Nordic or Fintech business activities by finding new employment.

  • You might start your own business in the future and with the acquired competence from the degree programme be able to expand it to another Nordic country or within the Fintech context

The core knowledge module will make you an interesting recruit for management positions within marketing.

  • You can become responsible for developing the digital marketing of a company

  • You can become responsible for CRM in a company
  • You can become responsible for the customer-oriented strategic development of a company

Potential positions after graduating:

  • Marketing Manager (Director in small & medium-sized entreprises – SMEs)
  • Customer Relationship Manager (Director in SMEs)
  • Digital Marketing Manager (Director in SMEs)
  • Nordic Country Manager (Director in SMEs)
  • Nordic Business Manager (Director in SMEs)
  • Fintech Business Manager (Director in SMEs)
  • Strategic Marketing Manager (Director in SMEs)

Further Studies

Licentiate and doctoral degrees
A person who has graduated with a master's degree has access to third-cycle university programmes (licentiate and doctoral degrees) at universities. The university assesses individually for each case whether the applicant has sufficient knowledge and skills for university postgraduate education.

Specialisation studies
The professional competence can also be developed by attending specialisation studies that do not lead to a degree. Specialisation studies are arranged in a flexible manner and are therefore suitable for persons in working life.