The enrolment for a course begins two weeks before the start of the period and ends two weeks after the start of the period (except International Business). The enrolment begins at 9 am and closes at midnight. Note that some courses may have a different enrolment period.

Course enrolment or registration information can be accessed from: "Enrolments > For students > View course enrolment periods" in ASTA External link. Students of International Business will find information about the enrolment periods under Rules and regulations.


Only students who have registered in ASTA may take part in the exams, and grades cannot be displayed without registration.

You can enroll through your curriculum. The "sign me up" button next to the course title provides information about the state of the enrolment such as, for example, the start date for the study period. If you have forgotten to enroll during the enrolment period, you must contact the course examiner. The name of the course examiner is found in the course description.

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