The project where Sisu replaces Asta has been successful! This affects all students - read the following information carefully:

  • Sisu will open again as of 6 March, whereas will no longer be open for students after 4 March
    • Sisu will become Arcada's main and only student information system; no changes to Itslearning and Tuudo
  • You can register for courses in period 4 during 6 – 17 March in Sisu; the course registration closes on Sun 17 March at 11.59 pm (instructions here)
  • 4 – 17 March no credits, courses or grades can be registered into Sisu. Our plan is that, at the latest, as of 1 April teachers will be able to register new completed credits in Sisu
  • 4 – 31 March students can apply for accreditation through our e-form on but no accreditations or credits can be registered in Sisu before 1 April
  • 4 – 31 March students cannot apply for a degree certificate/graduation (more info here ). You can apply for a degree certificate in Sisu as of April. During 4-31 March, Arcada can issue manually written certificates to students who have completed everything demanded for graduation with the following content: ”Student Name Name has completed XXX credits, whereas XXX credits are demanded for graduation. The Student can apply for graduation as of April, as Arcada is changing its student information system during March 2024”.
  • You can now update your contact information in Sisu (instructions here)

Questions? Send them to E-mail: