General studies

Teaching language


Type of course


Cycle/level of course


Recommended year of study


Total number of ECTS

5 cr

Competency aims

The general aim of the course is to provide the
student with support and tools to purposefully
and successfully study at Arcada.
The student knows how to use modern IT
Know enough maths to be able to study within field of
science and engineering

Learning outcomes

University studies of today

At the end of the course students are expected
- know how to use the Arcada information
- be acquainted to his/hers studying plan,
profession and reflect over what the goals of
studies are
- know different tools, methods and studying
that support outcome oriented learning
- understand what autonomous learning means for
the individual learning process and for the
studying results
- be acquainted with the ethical principles
- identify his/hers qualifications in languages
- be aware of the opportunities to develop
language competence
- be able to identify eventual gaps in his/her
competence in maths and have the resources for
improving their knowledge

- use a spreadsheet program efficiently
- plan, create digital graphics
- build a relational database system with
products, clients and invoices.

Course contents

- A recap of relevant maths
- Advanced spreadsheets
- Successful Word Processing
- Digital design
- Relation databases

Prerequisites and co-requisites


Previous course names


Additional information


Recommended or required reading

University studies of today
Writing Guide
Study Guide

Study activities

  • Lectures - 33 hours
  • Individual- and group instruction - 25 hours
  • Practical exercises - 20 hours
  • Project- and production work/artistic activities - 5 hours
  • Individual studies - 35 hours
  • Internet-based studies - 15 hours


  • Total workload of the course: 133 hours
  • Of which autonomous studies: 133 hours
  • Of which scheduled studies: 0 hours

Mode of Delivery

Multiform education

Assessment methods

  • Exams (written-, oral-, home-)
  • Essays, reports, productions and portfolio

Assessment requirements

University studies of today
Active participation in lessons and tutorials.


  • Biström Dennis
  • Ekström Mia
  • Hagström Sarah
  • Levälahti Filip
  • Nyberg Janne
  • Sandell Magdalena
  • Åvall Ann-Kristin


Nyberg Jan

Group size

No limit

Assignments valid until

12 months after course has ended

Assessment methods

  • Date of examination will be announced later - Exams
  • Date will be announced later - Reports and productions

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