The curriculum – the key to the structure of your studies

The curriculum is what defines your studies. It tells you which parts your degree consists of and what you need to complete in order to graduate. Familiarize yourself with your degree programme’s curriculum to get a good overview of the degree that you are about to complete!

Curriculum, module, study unit?

The curriculum of each degree programme at Arcada is composed of modules. The modules define the competencies that you need to attain in order to graduate. A module can consist of several study units. A study unit can be completed by participating in a course, completing an exam or e.g. by validating previous knowledge.

What do I need to graduate?

The curriculum defines what you need to have completed in order to graduate. For this reason, a curriculum is also sometimes referred to as “degree requirements”. In practice, this means that you should complete everything that is defined as mandatory in a curriculum to attain a degree certificate.

In addition to the mandatory studies you need to meet the minimum number of credits (ECTS) by completing electives or other courses. You can also apply for accreditation of credits or apply for validation of prior learning/previously attained competencies.

New curricula 2021

Arcada has renewed all curricula for autumn 2021. This means that there are several curricula in force. You study according to the curricula applicable for the year when you started your studies.

Started your studies before 1 Aug 2021?

Choose the year when you started your studies in the menu. If you have mandatory courses from previous years that you still need to complete and you don’t find the equivalent for this year, please contact your study counselor.

Started your studies 1 Aug 2021 or after?

You study according to the new curriculum for your programme. You find the study units for your first year by choosing 2021 ‒ 2022 in the menu on this page.

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