Problem with itslearning

Since last night, many students have had problems seeing the pages correctly in itslearning. This should have been fixed now. If you still have problems, you can try clearing the cache on the browser. See instructions below. If you use an app (on your mobile), it may it might help to logout first.

Arcada begins cooperation negotiations

The board of the Arcada University of Applied Sciences Ltd has decided to start cooperation negotiations with all employees, including the UAS’ management. The decision was made on the basis of the need to streamline the organization and operations and adapt it to the economic development the polytechnic is facing. Throughout the process and after the negotiations are completed, all activities including courses and other teaching will continue as usual.

Talent Boost Summit 2021 for international students looking for employment

Talent Boost Summit is an annual event which aims at finding answers to how together with international talents Finland's labor shortage can be solved as well as creating new innovations and growth. The Summit is aimed at organizations that want to expand their talent pool outside of Finland and among the international talents already living in Finland.