You can use Arcada's copy machines to print, scan and copy.

  • Students' copy machines are located in the library journal reading room (also A3 format) and in the blocks D3, E3 and F3.
  • Teachers' copy machines are located in the staff blocks
  • Use the printer called Follow-Me
  • Login on the copy machine with your key. Specific instructions are located at the copy machines.
  • Students can buy credits for the copy machines at the Arcada student union ASK External link in the Cor house.
  • For color prints, choose Printer properties prior to printing.

Printing from your personal Windows-laptop

  1. Be sure your laptop is connnected to eduroam
  2. Press the Windows Menu button
  3. Type \\pix in the small field at the bottom and press enter
  4. Log on using your Arcada-username and password
  5. The window will display all available printers: Double-click Follow-Me
  6. Now the Follow-Me printer is installed on your laptop and is ready for use

If you logout from your laptop you may have to repeat the steps 2-4 in order to authenticate.

The instructions above apply for both Windows 7 and 10.

Printing from your Mac-laptop

For mac users we currently recommend to print from an Arcada computer - save your documents on Office365 External linkto make it easier.