The degree certificate will be ready in about three weeks after you submit a complete application. Postage is not included in this process.

The application process

  1. After the application has been submitted, it is forwarded to the Degree Programme Director and the Head of Department for approval.
  2. After that the degree certificate still needs to be written by Student Affairs and signed by the Head of Department and the Rector.
  3. Your degree certificate is ready three weeks after submitting a complete application. Please, note, that public holidays and tuition free periods (especially around Christmas and New Year, May and June) will extend the processing time.

The graduation date on the degree certificates will be the date you applied.

When your degree certificate is ready

You can pick up the degree certificate from the information desk (you will receive an e-mail to your personal e-mail account when it is ready to be picked up).

You can also get it mailed to your home address. The degree certificate is sent home as a regular letter. The student is responsible for lost or damaged degree certificates. Replacing a lost or damaged degree certificate is a fee-based service. Please note that we do not mail degree certificates to countries outside of EU. Please also note that Arcada does not use any courier services.

Content of the degree certificates

You will receive a degree certificate stating (among other things) the following information:

  • Degree programme name and occupational title
  • Specialisation (if included in your studies)
  • Extent of the studies
  • Extent of the practical training
  • Title and grade of the degree thesis
  • Information about language requirements

Applying during summer

If you submit the application for the degree certificate between June 3 and August 31, you will receive your degree certificate in September. Your graduation date is usually the submission date. If you apply after August 1, you will have to register as present for period 1 and 2 (autumn term) the next academic year. Please note that you, according to Kela, still are a student until you graduate. This has consequences for the income check, the study progress check and the reduction of the study loan.