Thesis Forum

Thesis Forum is the official occasion where students present their degree thesis. To find upcoming events please click here.

1. Hand in your complete
 thesis work to your
 supervisor and assessor
Supervisor: Every degree thesis shall have a supervisor who is employed by Arcada. The supervisor is designated in the first instance from among teachers in the student's own degree programme. At the same time an assessor (second reviewer) of the thesis is designated.
2. Your thesis work gets an 'all clear sign'  from your supervisor. All clear sign: Your supervisor decides when your thesis work is ready enough to be presented at Thesis Forum. After your presentation you can make small changes based on the feedback you received. 
3. Decide upon a suitable date and time for your TF presentation with your supervisor. (Check the TF-timetable). TF-timetable: Each period has scheduled dates for Thesis presentations. Your supervisor signs you up no later than one week before.
NB! Check the timetable and hand in your thesis well in advance to your supervisor and assessor.
Period 1 Period 2 Period 3 Period 4
14 - 16.9.2020 19 - 21.10.2020 25 - 27.1.2021 22 - 24.3.2021
  9 - 11.11.2020 22 - 24.2.2021 19 - 21.4.2021
  7 - 11.12.2020   17 - 21.5.2021
4. Make a poster and send it to as a PDF document one week before your presentation. Poster: The idea with a poster is to give the reader a quick summary of your thesis work. Strive to make your poster easy to understand, with clear main points. Your poster may consist of the following elements: goal, methods, results, conclusions, some of your references and pictures (graphs, diagrams etc.) Use the Arcada poster template, you find it below.
5. Be on time to the presentation.

Presentation: Be on time to the presentation. Also others are presenting, so there is a strict timetable to be kept. The time scheduled for each presentation is max. 45 minutes for presentation of Degree Thesis, opponent's comments and discussion. Out of respect for the other students presenting at Thesis Forum no one will leave the presentation classroom before the end of the last presentation. 

Prepare for thesis forum by making a visual presentation (e.g. a  PowerPoint or Prezi).