The course takes place in period

1 (2020-08-01 to 2020-10-25)


General studies

Teaching language


Type of course


Cycle/level of course


Recommended year of study


Total number of ECTS

2 cr

Competency aims

The aim is to develop the students writing skills
in a professional context. The course also aims
to give the student skills to use Finnish in
health care contexts (writing documents in
Finnish, attending meetings, using texts and

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course the student is expected
to have the written language proficiency in
Finnish required in the civil service in
bilingual municipalities and needed to support
his or her professional development.

Course contents

Course contents Professional vocabulary
and texts
Messages and instructions
Language usage

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Skill level B1.1 in the European Framework of
Reference for Languages.

Additional information

Obligatory lectures according to the teachers
timetable on Itslearning.
Re-exam 1: 10.12.2020 kl. 10-12 (rummet anges på
anslagstavlan vid infon). ENROLLMENT ONE WEEK
Re-exam 2: 17.2. kl. 10.15-12.15 (rummet anges på
anslagstavlan vid infon). ENROLLMENT ONE WEEK
BEFROE through mail to exam 17.2.2021

Recommended or required reading

Finnish: Material provided by the lecturer.

Study activities

  • Lectures - 14 hours
  • Individual- and group instruction - 4 hours
  • Practical exercises - 6 hours
  • Individual studies - 18 hours
  • Internet-based studies - 12 hours


  • Total workload of the course: 54 hours
  • Of which autonomous studies: 54 hours
  • Of which scheduled studies: 0 hours

Mode of Delivery

Participation in tuition

Assessment methods

  • Exams (written-, oral-, home-)
  • Essays, reports, productions and portfolio

Assessment requirements

To pass the course the student should pass the
following examinations:
The examinations contribute to the final grade as
Examination 1 Memorandum, minutes and activity at
a meeting 15%
Examination 2 Research report 25%
Examination 3 Written exam 60%


Lehtola Minna


Lehtola Minna

Group size

No limit (33 students enrolled)

Assignments valid until

12 months after course has ended

Course enrolment period

2020-08-10 to 2020-09-06

Assessment methods

  • 2020-10-30 - Exams
  • Date will be announced later - Reports and productions
  • Date will be announced later - Other assignments
Room reservations
Date Time Room Title Description Organizer
2020-09-15 13:15 - 15:00 Inhemska språk 1, finska FV Lehtola Minna
2020-09-22 13:15 - 15:00 Inhemska språk 1, finska FV Lehtola Minna
2020-10-01 12:15 - 16:00 Inhemska språk 1, finska FV Lehtola Minna
2020-10-08 13:15 - 15:45 Inhemska språk 1, finska FV, kokousharjoitukset Lehtola Minna
2020-10-13 13:15 - 15:00 Inhemska språk 1, finska FV Lehtola Minna
2020-10-30 09:00 - 11:00 F249 Inhemska språk 1, finska FV, Kirjallinen tentti Lehtola Minna

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