The course takes place in period

1 (2021-08-01 to 2021-10-24)


Professional studies

Teaching language


Type of course


Cycle/level of course


Recommended year of study


Total number of ECTS

5 cr

Competency aims

After the course the student should understand accounting concepts, the accounting cycle, and be able to use accounting information in making business decisions; as well as to draw up the financial accounting statements of a small company.

Learning outcomes

After completing the course the students should understand the financial accounting cycle, understand the various principles of accounting, be able to draw up an income statement, and a balance sheet. The students will gain understanding of financial accounting data and the use of such data.

Course contents

Financial accounting and its key- concepts The Income statement, Balance sheet, the statement of stockholders equity, the cash flow statement, the process of creating them. The use of financial accounting data. Analyzing accounting data.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Introduction to Financial Management or corresponding competence

Previous course names


Additional information

Additional information will be given during the course. Students must pass the course examination with minimum of 50/100 points to pass the course. The re examinations will be in November and December. Exact dates will be provided later. Assignments will be an integral part of the course work.

Recommended or required reading

Horngren et al. Financial & Managerial Accounting. More material will be distributed during the course.

Study activities

  • Lectures - 40 hours
  • Practical exercises - 15 hours
  • Project- and production work/artistic activities - 0 hours
  • Individual studies - 75 hours


  • Total workload of the course: 130 hours
  • Of which autonomous studies: 130 hours
  • Of which scheduled studies: 0 hours

Mode of Delivery

Participation in tuition

Assessment methods

Assessment requirements

To pass the course the student should receive at least 50 points from the following activities: Assignment 1: 10 points Assignment 2: 20 points Assignment 3: 40 points Assignment 4: 40 p No assignments handed in late will be graded. Attendance at the lectures is recommended but is not obligatory. Those wishing to attend the course need to be present during the first lecture.


Puukko Linda


Puukko Linda

Group size

No limit (34 students enrolled)

Assignments valid until

12 months after course has ended

The timetable of the course

The time table of the course is provisional and is subject to change, as is the lecture room which can change with short notice The re-examinations will be in October and November.

Course enrolment period

2021-08-09 to 2021-08-29

Assessment methods

2020-08-26 - Other assignments

Room reservations
Date Time Room Title Description Organizer
2021-08-31 12:00 - 13:30 Financial Accounting Puukko Linda
2021-09-02 12:00 - 13:30 Financial Accounting Puukko Linda
2021-09-07 12:30 - 14:00 Financial Accounting Puukko Linda
2021-09-14 10:00 - 11:30 E385 Financial Accounting Puukko Linda
2021-09-21 13:00 - 14:30 E383 Financial Accounting Puukko Linda
2021-09-23 13:00 - 14:30 E387 Financial Accounting Puukko Linda
2021-09-30 12:00 - 13:30 E385 Financial Accounting Puukko Linda
2021-10-07 10:00 - 11:30 E385 Financial Accounting Puukko Linda
2021-10-12 13:00 - 14:00 E385 Financial Accounting Puukko Linda
2021-10-19 13:30 - 16:30 E385 Financial Accounting Exam Puukko Linda

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