Would you like to be featured in Arcada’s new marketing material? We are now looking for a diversity of students to join our photoshoot during 19–20 May on campus. Participating students will receive a Wolt gift card as a thank you.

We are looking for as a diverse group of students as possible in terms of age, gender, ethnical background, ability, looks, degree programmes, etc.

The photoshoot will take place on campus, in various locations such as the auditoriums, squares, classrooms and simulation environments. Together with a professional photographer we hope to capture everyday situations on campus. The goal is to have material that can be used in both external and internal communication (e.g. newsletters, arcada.fi and social media posts) for a longer period of time.

One photo session is calculated to last for approximately two hours, and as a participating student you can expect to be scheduled for 1–2 sessions over the two days. You will be rewarded a Wolt gift card for each session that you take part in. You will also be provided lunch or coffee, depending on your time slot(s).

In short:

Eligibility: All students

Time: 19–20 May, 1–2 sessions (à 2 hours)

Location: Campus

Reward: Wolt gift card (15 eur/session)

Are you interested? Send us an email and tell us a little bit about yourself and your availability on the dates given. Please also attach a picture of yourself. The sole purpose of the picture is to make sure that we are able to put together a diverse group of students. The picture you send us will not be published or used for any other purpose.

Please email us at E-mail: communications@arcada.fi. We hope to hear from you as soon as possible, but no later than May 15th.