Have you thought about talking to someone about your mental well-being and wondering what kind of services are available for you as a student? If so, visit our well-being fair on Wednesday from 11 am to 1 pm at the main square. There you can get some more information, ask questions, and maybe book an individual time for support.

The everyday life of a student can be filled with achievements and challenges both at school, at home, in relationships, and during free time, which can cause stress.

Arcada's student well-being team is organizing a fair with participants and guests from Sveps, the student health service FSHS, Helsinki Missio and the Lutheran Church, Arabia Career Center, and Arcada's well-being and study guidance services. At the fair, there is an opportunity to discuss with the representatives about different support options and book a time if needed.

We want to encourage everyone to pause and think about what they can do for their own well-being and discuss it together with others!

You are warmly welcome to visit us at the main square! See you there on Wednesday!