The transition to the new study administration system Sisu is postponed until period 3. This is the result of a careful risk analysis and assessment of what is required for a safe and successful transition.

The new schedule for the transition means, for students, during the autumn semester (P1 and P2) the following:

  • ASTA, Tuudo and Itslearning will be in use during the whole autumn semester, just like previous years,
  • In August, students will register for their courses in period 1 and 2 in ASTA,
  • Note the detailed deadline for applying for a degree certificate for those of you wanting to graduate during May-August 2023

Every student should be aware of the following:

  • The schedule for the teaching in P1 and P2 will be published for students at the latest during the month of August,
  • Students will start to learn how to use Sisu during P1 and P2, to ensure that they will be able to use Sisu during the spring semester of 2024.

The work continues and everyone involved is working at full speed to maximise the added time to the project; the autumn semester.