Who should I contact with questions regarding my student financial aid?

KELA´s service agents for students can be reached mon-fri 9am-3pm at 020 634 2550.

When can I apply for Student financial aid?

You can apply for the aid when you have accepted your study place at Arcada and enrolled as present. The easiest and fastest way is through KELA:s e-Services External link (only available in Finnish and Swedish). 

How do I turn in an application for financial aid?

The easiest and fastest way is through KELA:s e-Services External link (only available in Finnish and Swedish). If you do not wish to use the application online, you can use paper forms. Find out more about applying here External link

Am I eligible for financial aid if I am studying part-time?

You can get financial assistance for the first and last month of study if there are at least 18 days of active study in that month. Read more on eligibility here External link

Am I eligible for school transport subsidy?

No. You are not eligible if you attend a university or a university of applied sciences. However, you can receive HSL, VR and Matkahuolto tickets for an affordable student price (if you are a earning a Bachelor's degree). The forms are available in outside the Student Affairs office and on Start.

I am working and studying at the same time. Will this affect my student financial aid?

Yes. It is your responsibility to make sure you do not receive more student financial aid than you have a right to receive. If you receive too much financial aid you have to repay it to KELA, so it is beneficial to receive the right amount of aid from the start. I you have received too much financial aid you can repay it before the end of may of the following year. Find more information on how your income affects your financial aid, the annual income check and the income contol here External link

Do I automatcally receive the housing supplement?

No. You have to apply for this separately. You can approximate how much your housing supplement would be with KELA's calculator External link (only in finnish and Swedish).

Can I get student financial aid if I study abroad?

You can receive aid if you go abroad to study and the credits will be included in your degree. Terms are the same as studying in Finland regarding for example earning credits. Read more about studying abroad and aid here External link

Can I get student financial aid during the summer?

You can receivestudent financial aid if you study during the summer. This concerns only fulltime studies that are part of your degree. Please note that you haver to apply separately for student financial aid for the summer months. Read more here. 

I have not earned enough credits. What do I do?

Progress in studies means that you have completed an average of at least 5 ECTS/support month. From 1st of August 2014 you also have to fulfill the minimum requirement of at leat 20 ECTS. That means that even if you receive student financial aid for only 1-3 months, the requirement is at least 20 ECTS. If you do not have enough credits registered in the student register you will receive a letter requesting clarification of your studies. It is very important that you reply to the letter and explain the reasons why your studies have been delayed. KELA check every year in October. 

Acceptable reasons for slower study progress include an illness of your own or of your close family member, otherwise difficult circumstances or completing a particularly large study module (such as a thesis).

If you do not reply to KELA they can be discontinued External link or payable for only a specific time period External link. If you have earned very few credits your student financial aid may have to be paid back and recovered External linkby KELA. Please read more here External link

How long can I receive student financial aid?

It depends on what you are studying and when you started studying. There are three categories of students: those who started before April 1st, 2014, those who started between August 1st, 2014 and July 31st, 2017 and lastly those who starter later than July 31st, 2017. Read moe here External link.

Can I have my financial aid extended?

The time you are eligible to receive student financial aid can only be extended if you can prove that your studies has been extended due to illness or other substantial reson (e.g. difficult situation). Reasons that do not count are switching majors, work, activity within a student organization or hobbies. Read more here External link.