Arcada’s Rules of Order are based on the University of Applied Sciences Act. The rules apply to every member, including visitors, of Arcada. The rules apply to Arcada’s all activities, and they ensure a safe and secure study and work environment for every member. It is everyone’s duty to maintain and enhance safety and wellbeing in Arcada.

Personal conduct in Arcada

It is everyone’s duty to act with good conduct. Insulting, disruptive or threatening behavior is forbidden in all activities. Good conduct applies also to social media and other online activities.

Everyone has a duty to report any improper behavior. Arcada will react and response to every report. Arcada will co-operate with officials in case of disruptive, threatening or harassing behavior. Arcada will investigate and react to any activities that influence its reputation or activities.

Every member has a duty to maintain tidiness and sanitation. Pets are not allowed in Arcada.

Intoxicant and smoke-free Arcada

Arcada is an intoxicant and smoke-free study and work environment. Drug abuse and using intoxicant substances or being under their influence is forbidden in teaching and training. Alcohol consumption for intoxication purposes is forbidden in every activity. Smoking is strictly prohibited indoors and near exits. Smoking is allowed only in defined areas.

Handling of property

Arcada’s and its members’ property and belongings and information must be handled carefully. Deliberate or negligent handling may result a liability for compensation. Arcada is not responsible of its members’ personal belongings.

Consequences for violating the rules of order

There will always be consequences for violating these rules. The consequences of violating these rules are defined in labour legislation, Criminal Code, Tort Liability Act and in Arcada’s Degree Regulations. The consequences are always handled internally first and, if necessary, in co-operation with the authorities.

Rules of Order were approved 18.9.2017.