Below we provide instructions for backing up email messages from the old Arcada webmail system (Horde / Roundcube External link).

  1. Start by installing Thunderbird External link
  2. Configure the Arcada email account in Thunderbird.

There are two ways of preserving the messages: Option A & B

Option A: Thunderbird Offline-mode

If you are already using Thunderbird for email accounts other than Arcada, use instead option B.

  1. Press ALT + F, and the menu appears.
  2. Choose Offline -> Work Offline.

Before Offline-mode starts, Thunderbird will download all messages locally.

Continue using Thunderbird in Offline-mode indefinitely.

Option B: Copy messages to Local Folders in Thunderbird

  1. Create an "old-inbox" folder under Local Folders.
  2. Copy all email from your inbox to the old-inbox folder.
  3. Drag all Arcada email folders under Local Folders in Thunderbird.