Students are, by law, required to register for each academic year. Students who fail to renew their registration in time lose the right to study. At Arcada, registration for the academic year shall be made every year during the time 15 April – 10 September.

Registration happens through the national OILI-system. Students who were admitted before 1st of August 2015 and do not have a Finnish social number in ASTA cannot register via OILI. Instead those students are required to contact student services at C3 and renew their registration with a paper form.

Register for the academic year at External link.

Step by step instructions

1. Go to You will be redirected to the Haka-login page.

2. Select Arcada from the list.

3. Log in with your Arcada username and password.

4. The system will ask for permission to send your information from Arcada to OILI. Note that OILI needs your social number to be able to fetch your information from the national VIRTA-system. Select ‘Yes, continue’ to proceed. You will be sent to OILI.

5. Check that your information is correct and choose to proceed with the registration.

6. Check the form. Information about your address should be empty. At the bottom of the page set your presence or abscense. When you are done submit your registration.

7. OILI notifies that your registration has been received. You can now log out or go to the frontpage again. Remember to close your browser when you are finished!

8. After a while ASTA will send a confirmation email to your Arcada email. Your registration will show in ASTA also. Sometimes there is a short delay before the data is received by ASTA. Contact student services at E-mail: if your registrations has not been confirmed by ASTA within 24 hours.