The Master's thesis is 30 credits in scope. It addresses specific developmental issues with relevance to working life and it is based on specific areas of interest in Arcada's research projects. The form of a Master Thesis in media management at Arcada is similar to a research article in communication studies. The length of such articles are 7000-10000 words.

The documentation/report should at least include the following elements:

  • The relevance of the problem
  • Relationship to existing knowledge
  • Issue or hypothesis
  • Method
  • Results
  • Discussion

Media Management Maturity Test

In order to get your degree certificate for Master in Media Management at Arcada, you should write an entry for Arcada’s ‘Kultur och Media’ institutional blog: External link

Please follow these instructions.

  1. The length of the blog is 700-800 words
  2. The text should be a short summary of the thesis
  3. The blog should reflect the thesis’ goal, method and especially learning outcome
  4. In the blog, you should clearly describe the significance of your thesis for (1) the MA in Media Management at Arcada, (2) your professional development and (3) for the media field.
  5. Once you have written the blog, a copy should be send to the supervisor and degree program director, no later than one week after the thesis forum presentation. They will make necessary comments on language, and send it back for the final version.
  6. Once accepted by the reviewers, the blog will be published on the Arcada Inside blog

Degree Program Director: MA in Media Management – Tomas Träskman (E-mail: