In order to register the Introductory work practice and/or the Professional work practice you have to be enrolled to the "practical training courses" (PM-2-004 (0) Introductory Work Experience, PM-2-005 (0) Professional Work Experience) on ASTA. After registering to the course you will have access to documents and instructions in itsLearning.

The practical training (30 credits) should give knowledge and experience in relevance to working life and the programme studied. This may include the engineering, managerial or economical operations in companies or other organisations. The introductory work practice (15 ects) will give a basic orientation into working life. Earlier engineering-related work experience gained before studying at Arcada may also be compensated. The professional work practice (15 ects) should give a greater exposure to industries or organisations linked to materials processing technology. It may often lead to a thesis work in the same field of specialization. You obtain 1.5 credits per week of full-time work. 10 weeks of full-time work is therefore worth 15 ects. The working hours per week for a student during the placement should be the same as for a full-time employee (37,5h-40h). Full-time working hours are defined separately in the branch specific agreements. A part time work placement period is calculated based on a 40-hour workload per week which means 400 hours in total.

As a student, you are responsible for finding your own work practice position. The practical training may be completed at any time during your studies, for example during the summer or whenever it fits into the individual study plan or your life situation. The practical training can be completed in Finland or in another country. 

If you are paid for your work during your work placement you are in a regular employment relationship and, in this case, a formal practical training contract is not needed.

If you do not have a salary during your placement period you should have a practical placement contract (see itslearning) signed by the employer, by you and by your degree programme director before you start the placement.

After the practical training period you shall hand in a work certificate and a practical training report (1200 words). The report and the work certificate uploads in itsLearning. The work certificate must include the number of working hours per week, number of working weeks and description of the work. More information about the practical training, instructions, the practical training contract and the work certificate form can be found in itsLearning.

The work practice is graded as passed/not passed.

If you have any questions regarding the practical training you can contact your degree program director or amanuensis.

More general information about practical training and practical training abroad can be found here.