There are two kinds of grants for practical training that are administered at Arcada:

Erasmus: for practical placement longer than 2 months (60 days) in Europe. Administered by International Affairs at the Student Services in C3. You can find more information here.

Nordplus: for practical placement done within one of the Arcada Nordplus networks in the Nordic or Baltic countries. Administered by the International contactperson at your Degree program. You can find more information here.

Common rules both for Erasmus and Nordplus grants:

  • You must apply for a grant for the practical training before the training is commenced. The scholarship can’t be granted afterwards. The scholarship is paid, at the earliest, one month before the practical training begins. Submit your grant application well in advance before the start of your practical training. When applying for Erasmus practical training, apply at least 1 month before the start date.
  • You also have to read your Arcada e-mail during the practical training to secure the information flow.
  • You are obliged to notify the international coordinator if something changes in your internship. The abuse of scholarships leads to repayment obligations, or that the second installment of the grant will not be paid.

Grants for practical training outside of Finland

In March it is possible for engineering students at Arcada to apply for scholarships for practical training abroad, please follow start for more information about the application process.

Other external funds in Finland that offer grants can be found here (in Swedish): External link (application in February) External External External External External link