Quality entails that Arcada reaches the goals the management has set for the operations. Specifically, this means that students at Arcada complete their degrees within given time constraints or more rapidly, and are well placed in working life (well employed), and that the research leads to added societal value and sustainable development.

The Arcada quality culture is based on result awareness, individual taking of responsibility and an open climate/dialogue and interaction with the environment.

Everybody – both students as well as staff – contributes to Arcada' reaching the goals.

How can you as a student contribute to Arcada’s quality?

The individual student contributes to a good university environment by conducting active studies, with ambitious and relevant goals and by giving the university response on the education and instruction through various response mechanisms and on working life and the relevance of contacts with working life through, e.g. practical training period reports.

The direct communication between heads, lecturers, instructors, tutors, researchers, students and administrative staff constitute an important ingredient in the Arcada quality structure. The personal contact areas are of the greatest relevance when collecting information on the contents of the studies and study environment. So if you experience problems or that something is lacking, please contact the responsible personnel and share your opinions! You can also give feedback in other ways, e.g. through focus-group interviews and course evaluations.

Did you know that Arcada’s management and the Arcada Student Union – ASK meet regularly? The Rector and the board of ASK meet to discuss current events, but also to discuss potential problems. The aim of this active dialogue between students and management is to quickly take on potential challenges or to develop and improve Arcada’s operations.

The students can affect the quality of Arcada’s operations through engagement in the central decision-making organs, working- and expert groups of Arcada. The students are represented in the Board of the University, quality councils and different committees and working groups.

Read more about how Arcada is managed at arcada.fi External link.

Follow ups and evaluation

The quality in the activities is monitored with the support of annual quality reports and in two internal quality discussions with the departments and units. The management group, in at least two meetings annually, follows up how the activities are proceeding and how the operational plan of the university is realised.

The Quality Teams External link of the departments develop and continuously follow up on the quality of the education, and under the direction of the head of department are responsible for seeing that the student reconnection works and that the information/data is used to improve quality. The Board of the University follows up on how the functions are developed in accordance with the strategy of the university and how the functions are adapted to changes in the operational environment.

When assessing quality, the efficiency of modes of operation, processes and systems in relation to goals and purposes are examined. At Arcada the quality is assessed based on digitally arranged student feedback, student dialogues, internal quality reports, internal result discussions between the Rector and the departments of the university as well as based on external auditing or other evaluations (e.g. evaluation of research programmes).

Auditing of the quality management system is concerned with verifying the methodology in the quality effort and that the whole organisation acts in accordance with the defined modes of operation.

The quality management system comprises all activities. The auditing model that the Finnish Education Evaluation Centre (FINEEC) follows is based on the European principles (ENQA) and recommendations for quality assurance at universities and institutions of higher education. The quality assurance at Arcada is based on these guidelines and recommendations, which entails regularly recurring auditing of both degree- and non-degree oriented education with a methodology structured on self-assessment and external evaluation by an expert group in which students, outside experts and international assessors participate.

Arcada was last audited in 2011 by The Finnish Higher Education Evaluation Council. The report can be found here External link.

Quality auditing 2017

Arcada will be quality audited during 21–23 November 2017. In the run-up to the auditing Arcada has compiled a self-evaluation report as well as a briefing material. This material has been sent to both the Finnish Education Evaluation Centre and the auditing group beforehand. The self-evaluation report is based on the departments’ and the support functions’ quality reports.

You can get familiar with the self-evaluation report and the briefing material below (In Swedish).