In order to initiate a thesis, the student should have completed courses to an extent of at least half of the total number of credits in the program itself (ie 105, 120, and 135 sp).

The student will write a short job description and plan that he/she submits for approval to his/her degree programme/head of programme.

The program team (in consultation with the Head of Department) approves the "working title" and nominates the supervisor and assessor for the thesis.

The nominated supervisor is responsible for the registration of relevant thesis data to ASTA. These data are:

  • title
  • the date of title approval
  • supervisor
  • employer (external, project, Arcada institution)

If the thesis is commissioned should a copy of the agreement be submitted to the Student Affairs in C3.

Upon registration, the register generates an identification number for the thesis in question.

During the work process, the student should be in contact with the supervisor according to plan. When the work is done, the student will submit the work to the supervisor for evaluation within the agreed time. The work is submitted in duplicates which are identical to the PDF-version of the work.

Please, note! An abstract of the degree thesis shall be written in the same language as the work and the programme language, however, so that there is always an abstract in English. If the thesis is written in another language than the language of the study programme, an extended abstract (10 %) must be written in the language of the study programme.

The supervisor will distribute the work to the assessor for evaluation.

The supervisor organizes a maturity exam after the thesis has been submitted for evaluation. The content in the maturity exam will be evaluated by the supervisor, and the language by a language teacher.

After a passed maturity exam, the student shall present his/her degree thesis during an official occasion. The official occasion at Arcada is called Thesis Forum, where students have the opportunity to go and listen to presentations from other institutions. See Timetable for the degree thesis process and Thesis Forum for more information about Thesis Forum.

Instructions on opposition are attached. Both the maturity exam and the presentation can affect the grade.

When the assessor together with the supervisor has evaluated the work, the supervisor will register the grade in ASTA, as well as the date of the maturity exam and presentation. 

The assessor’s and the supervisor’s statements should include a notification of the approved maturity exam.