You need to attach a Learning Agreement to your exchange application. It is a study plan for your exchange period and the purpose of the Learning Agreement is to ensure that you will receive recognition in your degree for the courses completed abroad.

  • In the Learning Agreement you should fill in the courses that you are planning to take during your exchange and the courses that will be replaced at Arcada by the courses taken at the host institution.
  • You must study full time while on exchange and you should achieve 30 ECTS in one term and 60 ECTS in one year.
  • Check the host institution's website for information about their courses. In case the new list of courses for next semester is not available on the website during the application period, please use the most updated information available at the time of the application. Read more about how to choose the courses under "What can I study during exchange and how my credits are transferred at Arcada upon return?"
  • In your Learning Agreement, you also need to fill in planned period of the mobility (start month/year and end month/year). The semester dates and the study period varies from university to university. Check the semester dates on the host university's webpage for incoming exchange students.
  • Discuss your choice of courses with your amanuensis.
  • Your Learning Agreement must be approved by your Degree Programme Director.

Choose the right form for your Learning Agreement!

If you don't know what form you should choose, please check the partner institution database to find out if we have an Erasmus, a Nordplus or a Bilateral agreement with the university in question.

Arcada Learning Agreement for students going on Nordplus exchange, bilateral exchange or freemover exchange

  • Preliminary Arcada Learning Agreement (scroll down to forms)

Erasmus Learning Agreement for students going on Erasmus exchange

  • Preliminary Erasmus Learning Agreement (scroll down to forms)

Watch this short YouTube video about how to fill in the Erasmus Learning Agreement form. The video is made in Ireland so you just need to think Finland when they say Ireland.


What can I study during my exchange and how are my credits transferred at Arcada upon return?
  • The exchange studies must be included in a degree pursued at Arcada and the chosen courses at the host institution should therefore be relevant for your curricula at Arcada. You can choose courses that will replace corresponding courses at Arcada or study some of your extension studies abroad.
  • In ASTA you can find the structure of your study programme and thus see which courses will be running while you are abroad. In some programmes it is preferable to go on an exchange during the second year and in other programmes during the third year. It is therefore important to discuss this with your amanuensis.
  • The final choice of courses is often made once you have been granted an exchange student position in the host institution. Sometimes the actual final choice of courses isn't made until you have arrived in the host country.
  • If you keep your Learning Agreement up to date and take courses as planned, the courses taken abroad will be transferred to your degree at Arcada and they can be registered in ASTA after your exchange period.