The application process consists of several steps described on this page.

Application dates

The application is open twice a year. Apply in January/February if you want to study abroad during the autumn semester or during the whole academic year and in September/October if you want to study abroad during the spring semester.

For exchange in spring 2022: apply during 10.9.2021-7.10.2021

The application form is active only during ongoing application period. Please scroll down to Application-step by step.

NB! If you are interested to apply for studies abroad at Mount Royal University in Canada (students within business, media or sports) during spring 2022, you need to hand in a preliminary application through email (E-mail: latest by September 9th at 16.00!

If you are interested to apply for studies abroad at Saskatchewan University in Canada (students within business or engineering) during spring 2022, you need to submit your Arcada application form for studies abroad through Moveon latest on Monday 27.9.2021!

Please be in contact with Christa Holm on how to proceed! (E-mail: or 0294 282 670)


Prepare yourself for your exchange application

How to start

Info sessions

International affairs organize information sessions about the exchange application process in September and January before the start or at the beginning of the application period. 

Information sessions in September 2021:

  • Wednesday 8.9 at 9.30-11.00
  • Thursday 9.9 at 14.30-16.00

The presentation from the autumn 2021 information sessions:

Application - step by step

In the application you can apply to one or max two partner universities, in order of preference. 

You must apply for exchange through the MoveON online application portal:

1. Login to the MoveON Portal External link with your Arcada username and password

2. Read the instructions and fill in your application in MoveON at your own pace. You can save it and continue at a later time during the application period. You can make changes in the application before submitting the final version.

3. Upload all the documents as pdf-files.

  • A preliminary study plan -course plan (only for your first choice). This form needs to be signed by your Degree Programme Director (Amanuensis for EA-students).
  • A motivation letter (In English or in Swedish. Max. one A4 sheet (only for your first choice). Describe why you want to go on exchange and what are your study and career related goals for the exchange. Hand in to your Degree programme together with the preliminary study plan before uploading) N.B! Students in business can directly upload their motivation letter without handing it in to the responsible person at the degree programme).
  • A certificate from ASK, if you have been an i-tutor

4. Click submit once you have completed the application. Remember that you cannot make any changes after submitting the application.

From now on, please read your Arcada e-mail before, during and after the exchange period to make sure that you receive all the necessary information!

What happens after I have submitted my application and what is the selection process?

Selection process

You will receive an answer within 2-5 weeks after the application deadline. We will contact you if something is unclear. We will process all applications after the application period. If we receive more applications than available exchange places we will rank the applications. Selection criteria:

  • success in studies: Points will be handed out according to the average grade. (Maximum 5 points)
  • motivation and study and career related goals for the exchange.
    • strong motivation and clear goals (4 points)
    • strong motivation but not clear goals/clear goals but not strong motivation (2 points)
    • neither strong motivation or clear goals (0 points)
  • Active as i-tutor: tutor certificate of proven activity (1 point). If no certificate (0 points)
Selected students will be nominated for exchange

After the selection process we will officially nominate the students for exchange. The decision of nomination will be sent to your Arcada email address. After you have been nominated for exchange and after you have received email from us, you can start the application process to the host institution.

We will also organize two pre-departure trainings where students who have been nominated for exchange get more practical information about the exchange process as well as cultural training. Nominated students will get an email invitation to these pre-departure trainings.

Application to the partner institution

Different institutions have different application processes and deadlines and therefore you should find out how the application process to your host institution goes as soon as you have been nominated. Most of the universities have information about their application process for exchange students on their website. You are responsible for sending the application and all the required documents on time to the host institution. The host university will make the final decision on the admission of the nominated students.