1. Grants via Arcada

Everyone who goes abroad to an Arcada partner university and have their Learning Agreement approved, can apply for an Erasmus+, Arcada or Nordplus grant for their exchange. 

  • You can only apply for one of the grants above depending on where you are going and what kind of agreement Arcada has with the partner insitituion. You can check the information in the partner institution database.
  • The grants are about 200-470 euros/month.
  • Apply for the grant (Arcada/Nordplus/Erasmus+) only after you have been accepted for exchange and well in advance before the start of your exchange period, however at the very latest 2 weeks before the start of your exchange.
  • If you, for some reason, do not fulfill your exchange as planned according to the Learning Agreement the grant must be reimbursed.
ARCADA grant

Students who have been accepted for exchange in one of Arcada's partner institutions outside of Europe can get an Arcada grant. The Arcada grant is 360 €/month and it is paid in total before the exchange period. You can scan and hand in your application through email. We do not need the original version of the document. Scroll down to the bottom of this page to find the form.

Nordplus grant

Students who will go on exchange through Nordplus network can apply for Nordplus grant. The grant is around 200e/month.

  • Nordplus grant forms: Please contact the international coordinator for more information.
ERASMUS+ grant

Students who go on exchange through the Erasmus+ program will get an Erasmus+ grant.

  • You will receive a pre-filled grant agreement to your email after we have 1) received your acceptance email and 2) got the start date and end date of your mobility confirmed by you. The grant will be paid for the study time abroad for the period that you have to be present in the host institution for academic purposes.
  • The amount of Erasmus+ grant depends on the host country and the length of your exchange period: 470/420€ per month during the Academic year 2020-21 (420/360€ per month during the Academic year 2019-20)
  • Attach your Learning Agreement signed by all three parts to your grant agreement
  • Scroll down to read important information about Erasmus+ grants in the
    appendix "Erasmus - info about grants for studies abroad 2020-2021"

Students participating in Erasmus+ student exchange must carry out an obligatory online language assessment (OLS) before and after the exchange period.

More information about the Erasmus programme, OLS and grants can be found here.

Erasmus+ special needs support

You can apply for exchange even if you have a disability or special needs. You should contact the international coordinator at Arcada in good time before the application deadline so that we can start the arrangements in time. To ensure that students with special needs can take full advantage of the Erasmus exchange, the Erasmus+ programme offers extra funding for students with disabilities. You may be entitled to extra funding if you have a severe disability, illness or other exceptional special needs that will cause extra costs during your exchange. You can find more information about the support for students with special needs on The Finnish National Board of Education's website (in Swedish and Finnish) and on the website of the European Commission.

Erasmus+ additional grant for students with one or more children

Students who have underage children and will go on Erasmus exchange can get an additional family support grant (200euros/month) for exchange studies. The additional grant can be granted even if the child or children stay in Finland. If you want to apply for additional family support grant fill in this application form for additional grant and hand it in together with your Erasmus Grant Agreement to the international coordinator.

2 Grants from other institutions

We also recommend you to apply for grants from other insitutions/funds/organizations as well. Please check fyrk.fi or skr.fi (only in Swedish and Finnish).

3 Forms/Documents