Students playing soccer

The Arcada hall is located on campus right behind the Prakticum-building (seen from Arcadas main entrance). The sports facilities consist of a modern gym, a test lab and a sports hall for ball games and gymnastics.

The gym has the latest equipment that supports training on all levels. During day time the facilities are reserved for educational purposes, but in the evenings and during weekends there are time slots reserved for students. Read more about the Arcada hall External link.

Gym membership for the Arcada hall

The Arcada hall is located on campus at Byholmsgränden 6 A. The entrance is on the sixth floor where the changing rooms are, and the gym is on the seventh floor. After payment, you get access with your electronic key.

The gym can be used daily from 7–22. The gym is sometimes used for teaching on weekdays from 10–15 and in these cases you cannot use the gym without permission from the teacher. Booking information can be found on the information boards or at the booking website. External link


To buy a gym card, pay 90 euros for half a year or 160 euros for a whole year into the account of the Arcada hall: FI67 1596 3000 1097 46. In the message field, please write your full name and date of birth. We will activate your key within a week after we receive the money.

Important to know

In order for all users to feel comfortable in the Arcada hall, it is important that we all follow common rules and instructions. Therefore, please familiarize yourself with the following material before visiting the gym for the first time:

Contact information

029 428 2900 (weekdays 9am-3pm)