Your studies consist of 240 credits (ECTS) and the normal study time is 4 years.

The education is structured so that the student can perform 15 credits (ECTS) during a study period of around ten weeks. One credit corresponds to 27 hours of studies or work. Four study periods make up an academic year, and as a student you are expected to complete 60 ECTS per academic year. After completing your study in Mechanical and Sustainable Engineering, you will be awarded a certificate with title of qualification: Bachelor of Engineering.

The curriculum for the education in Mechanical and Sustainable Engineering is based on competences and structured in study units, which means that the studies should be carried out in a certain order. Individual study plans are made if needed in order to facilitate your studies.

The structure of studies for students who started 2020 or earlier

The structure of studies for students who started 2021 or after