Practical training abroad is important both for your own development and for your CV. Please note that in order to be eligible for practical training abroad, your studies should have progressed at the expected pace. In addition to meeting the requirement of normal pace of study, you should also have completed at least one practical training in Finland prior to commencing practical training abroad, and that only 1/3 of the practical training can be completed in foreign countries.

You have various opportunities to apply for practical training positions abroad: you can apply through existing networks such as Erasmus, for two, three, or six months, or through Nordplus for one to seven weeks, you can apply for a position independently (freemover), or you can contact your degree programme director to find out if one of our partner institutions can help you.

At the Department of Healthcare there are various networks that offer studies abroad and practical training abroad. The positions are allocated according to which programme you study.

Below are listed the alternatives you can choose between:

Through the Nordplus network we cooperate with:

Nordkvist – Is suitable for all healthcare students and for short exchanges. Contact Pernilla Stenbäck

Rosa-Linea – Is suitable for all healthcare students and for short exchanges. Contact Pernilla Stenbäck

Nordejordemoder – Only for Midwifery students. Midwifery and gynaecologic practical training, one to five week-periods. Contact Pernilla Stenbäck

Nordparamedics – Only for Emergency Care students. This network applies only for the Carelevel II-practical training. Limited number of positions. Contact the degree programme manager for Emergency Care. NB! Contact the examiner directly if you have questions connected to these practical training positions.

You can also travel as Freemover. As a Freemover the student is responsible for everything connected to the practical training on their own. Possible charges are met by the student. Prior to departure the student should have contacted both the examiner of the course and the department’s coordinator for international exchange for approval of the practical training position. As a Freemover, you must fill in the Practical training contract prior to departure. After completing the practical training, the student applies for validation of the practice with form nr. 6.

If you are interested in going for a longer exchange or practical training period, e.g. an Erasmus exchange, you should contact International Affairs.

Having familiarised yourself with the various alternatives, fill in the form HC prelimiary plan for studies abroad. The completed form and required attachments are returned to E-mail:

NB! After you have been accepted for practical training abroad and all details have been confirmed, you have to register in MoveOn. More information can be found here. Once your application is accepted you haft to take part in the practical training.

To do-list for practical training abroad

  • Employment contract/practical training contract/Letter of Interest: Before leaving, it is important that you have agreed with your practical training examiner that your practical training will be accepted. This way you ensure that you are insured for accidents during work and travel to and from work through Arcada. Read more about practical training contracts and find the contact information for your practical training examiner on the practical training page for each programme.
  • Work permit/visa: contact the Embassy of respective county if you need one for your practical training period
  • Registration of travel abroad: Arcada strongly recommends that all students of Finnish nationality or with permanent residence permit in Finland complete a registration of travel abroad to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs here External link and at the same time read the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ information for those who travel abroad below on the same page. Students of other nationalities are recommended to contact the Embassy of their own country in Finland in order to get information on how registrations of travel abroad can be made.
  • Salary for practical training: If you receive a salary for your practical training abroad you should contact KELA/FPA to find out which country’s social security system you are covered by.
  • Travel insurance: Ensure that you have a valid travel insurance for the full duration of your stay, from the time travel is begun in Finland until your return to Finland again!
  • Remember to check possible fees for practical training instruction if you study at the Department of Healthcare and find a practical training position on your own.
  • Help with translating your application and CV to English you can find here External link.
  • Living abroad: You are responsible for finding accommodation abroad yourself.

What you need to do after the practical training abroad to get your credits registered?

  • Send your assignment and practical training report tp the contact person.
  • Send in the evaluation form and your workschedule to the contact person.

If you have questions, contact the contact person of respective programme or E-mail: