Due to COVID-19, Student Affairs has instated some safety guidelines. Read these instructions before applying for certificates for students benefits (HSL, VR, Matkahuolto and student lunch)

Please remember that you do not need any discount certificates if you have a student card. Through becoming an ASK student union member you will also have access to several student discounts (museums, restaurants, cafés, stores etc.)

Please only fill in the specific forms you need. Do not fill other forms “just in case”. 

NB! Fill in HSL form only if you use their plastic travel card. Please do not use the HSL form if you have their app. You can buy season tickets with a student discount if you have Finnish banking codes.  

When visiting student services in the library

  1. Keep a safety distance to other students and staff 

  1. We recommend that you use your own pen. Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer before and after using Arcada’s pens. Avoid touching your face. 


Filling in the forms

Alternative 1: 


Fill out the form.  

Keep distance and go somewhere else if it is crowded. 

Wait for your turn for signature. Avoid queuing to the extent possible.

Alternative 2: 

Fill out a form and leave it in the postbox by the information desk. 

We will contact you via e-mail after we have signed the form.